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 marking 50 years of occupation

a contribu(ac)tion to put back Syrian Golan in the picture of the Israeli occupation

june 2017

While for many organizations, the 1967 occupation is mainly restricted to the West Bank and the Gaza strip, we believe - 50 years later - that the time has come to include the Syrian occupied Golan Heights in the picture. 
De-Colonizer also aims to raise awareness on this "neglected" or "forgotten" occupation, as well. 

Together, a daughter and two grandchildren of expelled inhabitants from Mansura went to remember and mark the names of the displaced inhabitants of the village on one wall of the only structure which remains. A modest way to reclaim the land and to pay homage to the displaced who are still not able to return to their land. 

A symbolic contribu(ac)tion in solidarity with the ones who have lost everything in this ongoing colonial project, from the end of the 19th century till today.

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