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De-Colonizer analyzes the ongoing violence in Palestine/ Israel as a broad long-scale colonialist project which started with the first Zionist migration and its successful attempts to colonize the land and has continued until now. As such, we believe that one cannot understand the current situation without placing it in its proper colonialist historical perspective. For example, the Nakba (1948) should be analyzed in an historical continuum
and not as an isolated event, and we see the occupation of 1967 as a continuity of this project. 


While for many organizations, the 1967 occupation is mainly restricted to the West Bank and the Gaza strip, we believe that the time has come to include the Syrian occupied Golan Heights in the picture. De-Colonizer also aims to raise awareness of this "neglected" or "forgotten" occupation as well. 


We conducted several projects around / about the Syrian occupied Golan Heights, some of them with local partners such as Golan for Development and Al-Marsad


Destroyed village of Mansura, Syrian Occupied Golan Heights

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