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 crossing borders: performing and touring

On April 1st and 2nd 2016, De-Colonizer organized a 2-days memory and research tour in the Syrian occupied Golan Hieghts, in collaboration with Golan for Development and al-Marsad. 
Some 25 people joined this anti-colonialist experience which started by a political performance called "Welcome to Syria", followed by a visit of the destroyed village of Sur'man. Both of those activities aimed to challenge the existing and/ or symbolic borders, and as acts of recognition. 

The participants were first asked to queue at the Southern entry of the Golan Heights to mark their entry in a territory which belongs to Syria. By acting such, they took an alternative position and marked a political statement recognizing that the area is occupied but does not belong to Israel. 

Few kilometers further, it's hard to figure out how to find and enter in Sur'man, a locked barrier and a big sign are warning that it's a military-only zone which none should enter. At the same moment, Israeli hiking websites are marking Sur'man as a site to visit. We entered to discover the ruins of Sur'man... 


"Welcome to Syria!"

A political performance to acknowledge the Golan Heights are occupied by Israel but belong to Syria.




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In or out? In search of lost Sur'man

A journey beyong the border to destroyed Sur'man



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