returning to Mansura

On April 1st and 2nd 2016, De-Colonizer organized a 2-days memory and action tour in the Syrian occupied Golan Heights, in collaboration with Golan for Development and al-Marsad. 

Some 25 people joined this anti-colonialist experience. On the second day, the participants gathered near the last remains of Mansura: the "new" schoolhouse, for a tour of the village. 

Mansura was one of 200 Syrian localities of the Golan Heights destroyed by Israel in 1967. Until then, some 1100 women, men and children lived there. 


Several activities were held in Mansura: touring and signing localized spots to remember the life that was erased while its inhabitants were expelled, performing to acknowledge the right of return of the refugees by rebuilding collectively and symbolically the house of Farouk Merzamkhwho (see the pictures and the video below).


Since then, inhabitants from the Golan Heights have passed through Mansura, have seen the signs and have expressed a lot of interest about them, in particular about the one showing the Druze collective grave they didn't know before. 



Signing the localized spots



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Rebuilding collectively and symbolically Farouk Merzamkhwho's house



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Marking the house of Farouk with some stones of the destroyed structure, according to his drawing: 

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