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You are planning a research? You want to write an article? For academy? For your blog? For yourself?

You are just interested in Palestine/ Israel?  You want to know more? You feel lost with the huge amounts of informations available on this major conflict?


 You are interested in some of the concepts we are working on at De-Colonizer?

 (post-colonialism, citizenship, minorities, identities, collective / erased / suppressed memory, post-colonialism, historiography, conflictual and post-conflictual studies, feminism, gender/ queer studies etc.)? 


You were always told that it is too difficult, that "it is not for you."

We believe, quite the contrary, that everyone can undersdand everything: you just need tools.

This page is a virtual library, gathering researches, articles, videos, links and websites divides into categories. 

Objectivity in research is a myth and we don't pretend to define what is "interesting" and what is not. 

These articles, links, researches, website are just here because we think they are interesting and serious.


Please note that the fact these articles/ researches/ links/ videos and websites appears in this section

do not necessarily mean their authors endorse De-Colonizer's opinions or statements.  


 These are only tools: they are here to be used, spread (please always indicate the author(s) and the name for the publication), discussed.

We are not talking in the name of anyone and we refuse to confiscate the words of anyone. 


So help yourself ! They are in free access! 


This section will be updated on regular basis so do not hesitate to visit oftenly! 


If you are an author yourself and would like to share on this page your researches/ articles/ videos/ texts, please contact us
We are welcoming all kinds of contributions (not only academic ones) and formats! 










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